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Mason Bees

Mason Bees

Why Mason Bees

Nature’s Powerful Pollinators

  • One of the few bees that can fly in cool, wet spring weather
  • Carry pollen dry on their furry bellies
  • Easy to raise bee that nests inside of nesting blocks
  • Very gentle bees that are fun to watch
  • Generalist bees that love to visit all flowers
  • Educational and kid-friendly

Do you struggle to grow apples, pears, plums, and cherries? Do your trees grow fruit that is small or misshapen? Poor pollination is a contributing cause.

The answer to growing more fruit is easy: raise Mason Bees. Fruit and berry blossoms need to be visited multiple times to set fruit. Mason bees can visit up to 2,000 blossoms a day. Most fruit trees and berries bloom in the spring and there are not many kinds of bees that fly during spring’s wet and cool weather.

Mason Bees are busy pollinating right when your fruit trees and berry bushes bloom in the spring. Mason Bees are active in cooler and wetter weather than other bees and they only fly about 100m from their bee house every day. Set up their bee house near your fruit trees and they will pollinate where your orchard or garden needs it most.

One of our customers tell us that before raising Mason Bees their plum tree only grew about 8-10 plums per year. The first year using  Mason Bees  they harvested about 50 lbs (25kg) of plums.

Raise Mason Bees and you too will grow more fruit and berries!

Our Bees

Orchard Mason Bees are hard-working hole-nesting bees that are native to most of North America except desert and Arctic regions.  Orchard Mason Bees are super cross-pollinators that help us grow more fruit and berries. With Mason bees many of our customers tell us that they have greater harvests of fruit and berries.

Orchard Mason Bees are active in the cool and wet weather of spring when our apples, plums, cherries, blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries are blooming. 

Hole-nesting bees are gentle because each female bee is a fertile queen that is too busy doing all the work to raise her own young.

Mason Bees are easy to raise – just set up your bee house, make sure there are lots blossoms and moist clay soil ( for building nest walls ) nearby.

Mason Bees are fun to watch as they come and go, educational and kid-friendly.