Why do I need Mason bees?

With the dramatic decline of the Honey bee population, pollination has suffered accordingly. Poor pollination makes poor crops. A poorly pollinated blossom will produce small or misshapen fruit or no fruit at all. I have had many people say they have not had fruit on their trees for years and once they started with Mason bees, the trees cropped in abundance.

How many Mason bees do I need?

250 female Mason bees can pollinate an acre of commercial orchard apple trees. Any of our homes will hold enough Mason bees to pollinate the average garden and orchard.

Are Mason bees in my area?

The Mason bee occurs naturally across most of the United States and Southern Canada. In the east from Nova Scotia to Georgia and west to Michigan and Texas. In the west from southern British Columbia to southern California and eastward to South Dakota and Texas. The 100th Meridian is a dividing line between two species. In mid-latitude regions from sea level to 6000 feet.

When are Mason bees active?

Mason bees are only around for 6 to 8 weeks, beginning in early spring. The rest of the year the new generation are in the tubes developing first from an egg to larvae, then cocooning and transforming in to an adult bee and finally hibernating through winter until spring. They then emerge and the cycle begins again.

Is it a lot of work to keep Mason bees?

No. They are easy to keep and the time involved is easily under 4 hours a year.

What happens to the bees when all the tubes I have are full and the bees are still active?

They will scatter out and find nesting holes else where which will be a great benefit to your neighbors and the environment.

What do I do when the Mason bees hatch out of the tubes?

The white paper liners in the cardboard tubes need to be removed and discarded, then replaced with a clean paper liner, the tube is now ready for another generation of Mason bees. If you are removing the paper liners in the fall and cleaning the cocoons, in the spring you need only to set out the tubes with clean liners installed. See the Resource Page for cleaning instructions.