About Us

Mason Bee Central is a family owned and run business. The wife does the bookkeeping and shipping, the kids count the tubes and do the packaging and I build the Mason bee homes, the cat and dog provide moral support, no thumbs, so not a lot of help.

We original started using Mason bees, over 10 years ago, when the honey bees started to disappear and our fruit tree production tapered off. Our 20 tree orchard now produces way more fruit than we can use, benefiting neighbours and family.

Our original investment in 20 Orchard mason bees has developed into a successful business. We currently maintain a base population of about 100,000 bees and sell off the increase every year.

Orchard mason bees have been a great experience for us. Our kids love to watch them work.

If you garden, Mason bees are strongly recommended. They will do more for you than any other single item you could purchase.